Tuesday, May 22, 2018

"The Knights of the Temple" in Santa Pudenziana di Narni International Exhibition of Contemporary Art "The meeting between the mysteries of the past and the works of contemporary creatives", this is the spirit with which the exhibition of contemporary art was born, the "Knights of the Temple", at the church of Santa Pudenziana in Narni, which was officially inaugurated on Saturday 19 May. At the event, curated and conceived by the journalist and art critic Sonia Terzino, took part: Roberto Banfi Rossi, Alvaro Caponi, Maria Grazia Conti, Daniela Dragoni, Graziella Ghiori, Stefania Gubbiotti, Massimo Ilot, Maria Elisa Imperiali, Rolando Oddi , Mariella Palombi, Stefano Pannacci, Sara Raccosta, Anna Rita Rossetti, Donatella Serafini, Antonella Sisinni, Mario Testa and the art photographer Renzo Cianchetti. "In the magic of secret Umbria - explains the art critic Sonia Terzino - we wanted to give life to a unique event of its kind, where the historical, artistic and cultural beauties of the Templar church of Santa Pudenziana meet the originality of the creators of the third millennium. Two forms of art in comparison that give each other light and warmth. But also a dive into the past to bring to light the mysteries and the charm of the green heart of Umbria, guardian of ancient jewels of inestimable value. Thus, past and present meet where always the only and absolute protagonist is beauty, caught in all its infinite nuances ". The exhibition can be visited until June 3 by appointment by calling the telephone number 340 9852238. Press office Prof. Sonia Terzino journalist and art critic