Saturday, July 01, 2017

The great beauty of secret Umbria Career award to Maestro Franco Venanti "The Great Beauty of Secret Umbria", this is the name of the contemporary art exhibition that will be officially inaugurated on Friday, July 14, at 6 pm at the Sacramento Mill in Ferentillo, Terni. The event, held in one of the most beautiful and suggestive places of Umbria, was organized by journalist and art critic Sonia Terzino in collaboration with Master Stefano Pannacci, with the Cultural Association of the Academy of Liberal Thought With the patronage of the Umbria Region, the province of Perugia, the municipalities of Perugia, Narni and Ferentillo. Over fifty internationally renowned artists take part in the event that is born with the aim to make known and valorize a territory rich in historical, architectural and landscape beauties. "There is a secret Umbria - writes Sonia Terzino in the presentation of the exhibition catalog - whose beauty is jealously guarded as in a casket. This is the landscape that characterizes the ancient village of Ferentillo, located between the flow of the Black River, rocky walls and gentle hills. Here, where time seems to have stopped, everything is perfection and harmony. The virgin and unspoilt nature encloses mysteries and secrets and the magic of eternal and timeless charm. To enhance even more natural wonders, the project "The Great Beauty of the Secret Umbria" was born, a contemporary art exhibition featuring the best of the creators of the third millennium. And who better than the artist, the favorite children of the Lord, who, with their own hands approaching God and every day, give birth to works of wit, could he carry on such an ambitious design? Born solely for the purpose of making known the green heart of Italy and how this land that has been battered for many years by too many natural disasters does not bend and its people, with the pride and dignity that only the Umbers have, holds Always head high and fight each day for a better tomorrow. An ambitious project that next year will become itinerant touching all the most characteristic villages in the Black Valley until ending with a grand event in Norcia that will be repeated in museums, galleries and foreign embassies located in the capital and Sala Nervi in Vatican. The proceeds of the event will be completely devoted to the Municipality of Norcia for the reconstruction of the basilica of St. Benedict. " For this edition, a career prize was also awarded that the organizing committee decided to hand over to Master Franco Venanti, an internationally renowned artist known for his innate pictorial gifts, but also for his sensitivity and humanity that Always characterize it. She will also be awarded the actress and models Stefania Visconti, protagonist of the last Pooh video clip. The exhibition can be visited until July 18th with free admission and continuous timetable. Sonia Terzino Press office Mobile 3409852238