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The special gift with lasting value - the personal wedding magazine

The wedding gift with lasting value: the personal wedding journal

When celebrities get married, from actors to politicians and royalty, all newspapers and magazines are filled with photos and stories about the couple. Doesn't every bride and groom want to enjoy 'celebrity status' on their big day? What then, could be more flattering for the couple, and remind the crowd of guests of this important event forever, as a personal wedding newspaper? Or even better, a wedding magazine. Presented at the wedding by the best friends, siblings or other close relatives to the couple, filled with glossy photographs and anecdotes about the bride and groom. Creating such a magazine is far less difficult than one thinks, because the free applications from photo book providers such as CEWE Photo Book, FotoInsight and Printing-1 are perfectly suited to create one. No need to pay for complex graphics software or to spent time learning how to use them, or even to hire a graphic designer. The printed wedding magazine will look stunningly professional.

Content - the more individual the more exciting
Personal photo book
Before we begin with the real work on the wedding journal, it is important to think about the content and themes for this magazine project. That way it becomes easier to work off the topics covered and to plan the time needed for the compilation. As a suggestion, the following outline could provide the basic structure of the personal publication:
  • Greetings, introductions and credits: As in any commercial publication, these are the pages where the editors or creators of the wedding magazine speak to the reader. In addition to the text it should show photos of the authors.
  • Portrait of the bride and groom: Presenting the bride and groom in a loving, funny or romantic way. Illustrate the text with photos and drawings that can be photographed or scanned in.
  • An interview with the parents of the bride and groom about their own child and the child-in-law. Of course, it should also include photos of the interviewees.
  • Create a horoscope for the bride and groom - whether serious or humorous, is up to taste. It is good to add images of the sky maps and drawings or photos of each astrological sign.
  • Baby photos! Particularly exciting for all readers of the wedding magazine are pictures from the bride’s and groom’s baby album, accompanied by stories told by the parents.
  • The wedding guest list - of course is best with photographs, which the invitees may supply by e-mail.
  • Puzzle page: A space for questions about the couple, that must be answered by the readers of the wedding magazine.

This list is not exhaustive, but it should give a first impression of the subjects to include in a wedding photo book or a wedding magazine.

Design - creative and free
Wedding Magazine
The wedding magazine's design process can start as soon as the plan for the content has been laid-out - i.e. once the topics have been covered and their pages have been defined.  The software from vendors such as Albelli, CEWE, FotoInsight and Printing-1, which can be downloaded for free from their websites, offers the opportunity to continuously work on a photo book or a bridal magazine, increasing the number of pages in steps as required. To do this, simply create a new "Photo Book" and save it under the title "wedding magazine" right on your computer. Then you determine the format, the page size and choose the type of covers - these are hard- or softcover. Now you can go to lay out the pages and determine how many picture elements to include and how much text to print. All that can be done, before a any text has been written or any images have been added. If, when filling the pages, it appears that the layout or number of images or text boxes were inadequate, or there are too few or too many pages - no problem. The wedding magazine's layout and number of pages can still be changed later.

Personal wedding gift
And this is how the software from photo book printers such as FotoInsight and Printing-1 work: Load the software onto your computer and follow the installation manager. Once the software is installed, use the 'new photo book' button, creating a new document for your wedding magazine. Now pick under the tabs 'Format' and 'layout set', the basic parameters of the 'Photo Book' - these are page number, size, etc (which can be changed later). Photo BooksThe next step is to load your photos and scanned drawings. First save all graphic elements for the wedding magazine into a folder on the hard disk. When clicking the 'apply' button, the software can place the graphic elements chosen automatically in the layout. Of course, individual pictures can also be placed freely at any angle, layer or position on any page through drag and drop. Lastly, the buttons 'images', 'layout' and 'design' lead to different layout and graphic content options. The text size and colour can be defined freely and text and images can be rotated and moved without limitation. 

How to choose the right paper and finish for your photo book or product catalogue project?

The photo book boom has pushed the leading printers to constant innovation. Photo books can be printed digitally or processed on photographic paper. For a surcharge, the photo book pages can receive a high-gloss coating or a matte finish. Which material and finish should be chosen for which photo book project? Read the answers here:

Finally, a professional looking wedding magazine will be readily laid-out with the help of free photo book software from vendors such as CEWE Photo Book, FotoInsight and Printing-1, ready for print. Prints can be ordered easily online. Usually, about half as many copies as guests on the guest list will be needed. That way each couple or each family invited can have their own copy of the magazine and the editors and the newly wedded should get  a few extra copies to preserve. A few days later, the postman delivers the final wedding magazines to the door. It surely is one of the most original and personal wedding gifts for the bride and groom.

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