Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mara Palai candidate in support of Long Mayor attends the inauguration of Eutonia Beauty Centre in Bastia Umbra Bastia Umbra May 24, 2016 - Press Press- Not only beauty center but a huge business enterprise that manages Maria Paola Sodacci which inaugurated its fourth wellness center "Eutonia" in Via Francesco Giontella 8 in Bastia Umbra Perugia. The event was present, among others, also Mara Palai candidate lists "United For Assisi" in support of Mayor Antonio Long. "I think - says Mara Palai - it is important that politicians will fall in the range between people actively. Today we are in the presence of a great entrepreneur who in addition to his family offers job opportunities to 25 people. These are the realities that I love to put myself, and compare myself, to value and lead to the general public aware of the quality of professionals that have a great economic resource and an added value for our area. " Maria Paola Sodacci, for over 30 years working with great professionalism in the field of wellness, after opening the aesthetic centers Ellera and San Sisto Perugia, then touched in Milan and now in Bastia Umbra."I love my job - said Maria Paola - and in these years I have always tried to dedicate myself to the search of the most innovative technologies. They are among the seven beauticians nationwide who have perfected and specialized in Hifu which stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) for the non-surgical face lift and neck. With Hifu technique they are not damaged the skin and the subcutaneous layer, but it creates a thermal denaturation zone in the deep dermis resulting contraction (tightening) of the SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System), and collagen remodeling. One of the main consequences of aging of the face is the progressive reduction of the superficial and deep fat that decreases the firmness and definition of facial features. The face loses tone, the volume cheekbones, cheeks and lips are reduced and the lower jaw has not its definition. The non-surgical facelift can be performed through this innovative ultrasonic system that allows the treatment of facial wrinkles and counteracts the natural relaxation of the skin. Thanks to these systems can be improved in a few sittings texture, tone and radiance of the skin, acting to stimulate the natural cellular machinery repair and regeneration of tissues. I also want to add that unlike the surgical facelift, these are certainly less invasive beauty treatments and even more accessible to all costs. Beauty is not only aesthetic but also as care of the soul that can make people happier and more secure in themselves ".Many appointments scheduled for Mara Palai in the coming days will attend the meetings on Friday 27 May in Tordibetto and Saturday, May 28 in Armenzano. Sonia Terzino Press and Public Relations Dr. Mara Palai Mobile 3409852238 - e mail