Saturday, November 14, 2015

NEW: The photo memory Advent calendar: A year’s life in full colour!

A positive surprise every day of Advent, with no sugar and no artificial sweeteners.

Advent_calendar_25_photo_FotoInsight_04Cambridge photo printing specialist FotoInsight is now launching a new, bespoke Advent calendar, where personnel memories, preserved in pictures, replace calorie bombs behind the traditional 24 little doors. Providing selected, positive memories, the new photo advent calendars offer a unique alternative to off-the-shelf, cheap-chocolate calendars.

Health threat of sugar is vastly underestimated
That is what US researchers say in a study, published in the journal “Obesity”. The lead author Prof. Robert Lustig, a paediatric endocrinologist says that this is evidence that “a calorie is not a calorie.

The new, no-calorie Advent calendar
FotoInsight MD Klaas Brümann counters: “At FotoInsight we are proud to offer alternative, calorie free, gift options. Our new photo Advent calendar is the sweetest treat you can give, without sugar or sweeteners. It is the zero-carb present from the photo enthusiast.”

Artificial sweeteners are fattening over time
Artificial sweeteners, even though they do not contain sugar, nonetheless have a direct effect on the body’s ability to utilize glucose. Glucose intolerance ... is the first step on the path to metabolic syndrome and adult-onset diabetes. [Source: Better-Health-Post]

The sweetest treat for Advent, without sugar and sweeteners
Photo_Advent_Calendar_FotoInsight_25The new seasonal photo calendar has a professional quality print on the large cover, plus 24 little doors, concealing selected photographic memories. A delight for people in love, families and friends. This new Advent photo calendar is the perfect gift idea to tune friends into Christmas mood. This new photo calendar for Advent makes a great gift, which the recipient will enjoy every day of Advent anew.

Price £7.49 +p&p (UK) / €8.99 +p&p (Ireland).
Material: Extra strong cardboard with a silk matte coating (300g/m²); scratch resistant and cleanable.
Format: 35.5 x 24.5 cm.
Turnaround time: Six working days.

Photo Advent Calendar web page
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About FotoInsight
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