Friday, July 17, 2015

Elesa introduces control knobs and control elements from its catalogue

Elesa is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of standard components for the mechanical industry. We here-after focus the attention on a group of products of the ELESA General Catalogue: control elements. This group of products mainly presents control knobs and control levers. Designed with the utmost care, these components are the ideal solution for making fine adjustments. Now let's see in detail the company's proposals.

Cotrol Knobs ElesaMonza July 15, 2015 - Elesa, a leading designer and manufacturer of standard components for the mechanical industry, offers a wide range of control elements for application on precision instruments.

As always, all products by Elesa are characterized by the high quality of the materials used, by the care for surface finishing, by the great expertise in design and production and, finally, by the variety of solutions that can adapt to any need.

The control knobs are available in plastic or metal.The standard range includes knurled knobs, with or without flange, available with or without index or precision graduation. Both flanges and the central boss cap can be customized with indexes, marks, symbols or special writings.

In addition to the knurled knobs, with their unmistakable design, awarded by the prestigious jury for Industrial Design IF, the range also features knobs of different shapes and surface finishing with revolving handle too. The offer extends then to the control levers, which are also available in plastic or metal, for positioning operations.

Despite the fact that we're talking about industrial components, Elesa pays great care to the aesthetics of the product and to the possibility of getting them in special colours. However, aesthetics is always at the service of functionality. In fact, all products by Elesa are characterized by an ergonomic design that allows an easy and comfortable use.

You can browse the Elesa catalogue, constantly updated, at the web address Control elements are divided into families of products, so it is easier for users to find the searched component. The range includes: control knobs, control levers, control knobs with indexing mechanism also with stop and positioning device, plain flanges for application on control knobs, scale rings, graduated rings, flat springs. For all these components, technical descriptions, two-dimensional quoted drawings and dimension tables are available. Moreover, from the website you can download 2D and 3D CAD drawings for each code in different formats.

Elesa is confirmed as a reference point for the supply of adjusting elements, the application of which can make the difference in terms of reliability and accuracy. Users interested in components and control knobs by Elesa can get in touch with the company through the website This will make it possible to obtain additional product information, request quotes or simply to request a catalogue.

Elesa is a reference point for the supply of control elements which can affect significantly the performance of your machines in terms of reliability and accuracy. Elesa sales and technical department can be contacted through the website to obtain additional product information, request quotes or simply to request a catalog. If you want to focus on quality, ergonomy and high performance, control knobs by Elesa prove the right part in all those applications that require adjustments as precise as possible.