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Movie News: RI Film Maker Chad A. Verdi to Produce Four Feature Films over the next 24 months through Woodhaven Production Company

EAST GREENWICH, RI - December 12, 2012 ( Newswire) Verdi Productions reports that producer Chad A. Verdi will produce four feature films over the next 24 months through Verdi Productions subsidiary, The Woodhaven Production Company. Verdi's current film Loosies is receiving huge viewership through it's release on Showtime and The movie Channel.

The films will be shot entirely on location in Rhode Island with genre's ranging from horror, to action packed thrillers and even romantic comedy. Verdi has acquired the materiel for the Woodhaven slate from "Self Storage" writer/director Tom DeNucci and will be bringing him back to Direct as well.
Woodhaven plans to kick it off with "The Cellar Door", which tells the story of a hit reality television show, gone horrible wrong, when a group of small town cops respond to a call that brings a whole new meaning to the phrase domestic disturbance.
The next film on the slate, "Self Storage 2" is the sequel to Woodhaven's latest film. The film follows a group of deadly bandits in need of a hideout after a big score. While trying to fly below the radar, we learn that the criminals have picked the wrong place to hide and the predators quickly become the prey.
Woodhaven will then take on the crime drama genre with "Burn the Saint", a tale of a notorious crime family under attack. A wave of unauthorized gangland slayings have depleted the once powerful and feared organization. With their numbers fading fast, a father and son struggle to keep their family's legacy and livelihood intact, along with their lives.
The back end of the slate will feature "Curling", a comedy about the up and coming olympic sport. This light hearted comedy tells the story of a recently unemployed janitor who recruits an unlikely group of Olympians on an international quest for glory, gold meddles and a whole lot more.
Verdi, who is based in Rhode Island , is the President and CEO of both Verdi Productions and the Woodhaven Production Company. Loosies is just one of four films Verdi has filmed, produced and sold over the last two years in the State of Rhode Island .
Loosies, was acquired by IFC and premiered in New York at the IFC theater in early 2012 to a sold out audience.
"Loosies" tells the story of Bobby (Peter Facinelli, "Twilight"), a NYC pickpocket, who roams the city disguised as a stockbroker. He's handsome and charming, fitting in perfectly with the Wall Street types on the subway and downtown, but with no father and a mother who does not work, Bobby is forced to live a life of crime in order to make ends meet.
Bobby tempts fate with the long arm of the law by lifting the badge of a New York City Detective (Michael Madsen, "Kill Bill," "Infected") much to the annoyance of his viciously manipulative boss Jax (Vincent Gallo, "Brown Bunny"). Bobby becomes the center of a citywide search, and approaches Jax, his mentor, for advice. Jax scolds Bobby for bringing the heat anywhere near him or his business -- the last thing Jax needs is any extra attention on his illicit underground business.
While playing this dangerous game of cat and mouse, Bobby runs into an even bigger challenge... Lucy (Jaimie Alexander, "Thor," The Last Stand), a recent one-night stand. It is now three months after their passionate one night affair, and Bobby is confronted with a tough reality. Lucy informs him she is pregnant, and that the child is his. Suddenly two different worlds collide, forcing Bobby to reevaluate a lifetime of missteps.
In a city where he once survived by being invisible, Bobby is now very much exposed and hunted by the police, and he must now choose to continue the illicit lifestyle he once led, or change and take responsibility for his actions.
Producer and CEO of Verdi Productions, Chad A. Verdi, stated, " We will have locked up more than 30 overseas territories through CMG, had a VOD release that reached over 50 million homes with the film hitting theaters Jan 11th through IFC films, this is as good as it gets." Verdi added, "Everyone at VP worked very hard to make this all happen and the hard work paid off. Peter and Jaimie were brilliant along with the rest of the cast and the film came to life when my wife Michelle Verdi, head of talent and music for the company signed American Idol star Paul McDonald." with an original score done by Chad Fischer, ( Garden State). Verdi added "The White House has Requested a Copy of Loosies, That's Pretty Cool".
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