Thursday, October 18, 2012

Entertainment News: Screen Media Films acquires "Infected" and "Self-Storage" from RI Filmmaker Chad A. Verdi

EAST GREENWICH, RI - October 18, 2012 ( Newswire) Verdi Productions and the Woodhaven Production Company are pleased to announce the sale of its films "Infected" and "Self-Storage" to Screen Media Films of NY.

Screen Media Films ( ) acquires the rights to high quality, independent feature films, for all of the US and Canada. SMF distributes films theatrically; on home video; and to all television outlets (through SMF's parent company Screen Media Ventures).
"Infected" premiered at Rock and Shock to a sellout crowd on Oct 13th and will hit select theaters on Oct 25th. Showcase Cinemas in Warwick RI will kick start the release. Verdi and Screen Media Films are in the final stages of signing a four picture deal with all four films being completed by 12/1/2014.
"Infected" premiered at Rock and Shock on Oct, 13th to a sellout crowd. "Infected" is a horror/zombie thriller set in the woods of New England, centers around Terry, an absentee father (Michael Madsen, Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill), and his son Andrew (Tom DeNucci -Inkubus, Loosies) who must fight for survival when their small, close-knit hunting group becomes infected with a virus that originated from a rabid deer they killed and consumed. The infection causes the crew, including Doctor Denehey (William Forsythe, Boardwalk Empire, The Devil's Rejects), to become homicidal and violent and gives them an insatiable, cannibalistic thirst for humans. In this modern day, Night of The Living Dead, the father and son duo are forced to relinquish old friendships as their former hunting buddies become...Infected.
The movie will be released on Oct 25th through the Showcase Cinema in Warwick RI and then move through several other States just in time for Halloween.
Verdi stated," The film will only be in select theaters until Nov9th, due to the fact that Infected will have a worldwide VOD release that will reach over 100 Million homes in the first quarter of 2013. The VOD platform that Infected will be released on is a filmmakers dream. Being able to reach that many people so quickly gives this film a lot of credibilty and will set up a higher selling point for paid cable.“
Verdi Added, "Self-Storage" (SMF) is still in post-prodcution and was sold on just its 90 second trailer, that's how good this film is."
The film was written & directed by Rhode Island actor/writer/producer Tom DeNucci (Inkubus, Loosies, Infected), tells the story of Jake, the night watchman working at a highly secured self storage facility. His pals are home from college and looking to party. Jake (Tom DeNucci) invites them to his work for a fiesta of his own. Innocent mischief turns a naughty night of sex, drugs and rock and roll into an evening of pure terror. Barbed wire fences are meant to keep people OUT. But these fences keep people IN. Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight, The Pope of Greenwich Village) plays the role of Walter, a former black operative with an evil secret. Walter, along with his faithful brother at arms, Trevor (Michael Berryman, The Hills Have Eyes, The Devil's Rejects), has some unfinished business with a seedy underworld grifter, Jonah (Jonathan Silverman, Weekend at Bernie's, Inkubus). Black market business mixes with pleasure when Jake and his pals stumble upon this heinous covert operation.
Verdi and Screen Media Films are in the final stages of signing a four picture deal. Verdi and SMF will both approve all scripts and cast members prior to filming. Then Verdi, through his companies The Woodhaven Production company/Verdi Productions will produce the films. Upon the delivery of each film, SMF will acquire all worldwide rights. Verdi stated, “It's a win- win for both companies. We are making films knowing they are already sold and have distribution while SMF receives a constant flow of films for there pipeline." Verdi Added, “our goal is to produce all four films in the RI State.
The Woodhaven Production Company, a subsidiary of Verdi Productions, is a fully funded film production company, covering all aspects of filmmaking from conception of script through post production.
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