Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Elesa castors and wheels, suitable for moving trolleys and equipment

Elesa, world leader in the production of industrial components, presents the new industrial wheels featured in its catalog, suitable for moving trolleys and equipment for manual or mechanical handling.

Industrial wheelsMonza, May 26rd, 2015 - Elesa, worldwide leading company in the production of components for mechanical industry, presents the industrial wheels included in its product catalog.

Specifically, the range includes polyurethane, rubber and technopolymer wheels, ideal for mounting on trolleys or on equipment for manual (up to 4 km / h) or mechanical handling(up to 16 km / h).

Several features make these products a true flagship for italian industrial production: we will review some of them, the most significant and important ones.

The industrial wheels produced by Elesa are characterized primarily by their high ductility, since the differentiation of the materials which constitute the metal body enables different load capacities: factor, this, which makes them suitable for many different uses.

Another aspect that makes them a real world class excellence is the quality of the materials used in their manufacture; quality certified by the numerous laboratory tests that have been submitted, all conducted to the highest and strictest standards existing internationally.

The variety of use, which makes them unique in their kind, provides solutions for all types of applications, both indoors and outdoors, even in the presence of obstacles along the way or special chemicals. The wheel diameter varies from 40 to 300 mm, while the dynamic range can reach 25,000 N. The many possibilities of use depend on the fact that the types of support differ according to the load to be supported: from this point of view, Elesa wheels can perfectly match to light, heavy and extra heavy loads.

Finally, it's useful to remember that the trolley wheels by Elesa may have also brackets in stainless steel, which makes them even more resistant and suitable for applications which require a high resistance to corrosion.

The entire range of Elesa industrial wheels can be viewed on the web page http://www.elesa.com/en/castors-and-wheels: here you can find the full range and filter products in the portfolio according to the type of material they are made of.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Ponte San Giovanni there was talk of thyroid disease A large presence of doctors available to the public Perugia May 23, 2015 - Press Release - A team of more than twenty doctors, including the biggest names in the world in the field of thyroid diseases, more than 300 people who have run all day screening and benefited from free advice, 250 children of fourth and fifth grade plexus of Ponte San Giovanni, Pieve di Campo, Balanzano end and first of Ponte San Giovanni who attended the lecture given by Prof. Fausto Santeusanio. These are some of the data that characterized the day "You and me for being" organized at the CVA of Ponte San Giovanni by the Alice Italian Onlus Perugia, Perugia The Snail Onlus, an association of patients with thyroid cancer, AFAS Associations community pharmacies the district of Perugia, with the patronage of the Region of Umbria, Province and the Municipality of Perugia. "These meetings - explains Dr. Michele D'Ajello - are very important, are born in a particular way to sensitize the population to the thyroid disease. Only in Umbria over 20% of the population is suffering from thyroid disease and have a 40% of micro tumors. Thyroid disease do not need surgery, but only of careful tests that allow to control them and should be carried out regularly by trained and qualified. However we must point out that, in this type of pathologies, fundamental is prevention that occurs, mainly, through a proper diet, using in particular iodized salt. Prevention is extremely important, especially in children, because a lack of iodine in the age of development favors the formation of goiter, and in pregnant women as a deficiency of this mineral can cause serious problems for the unborn child. However you have to do exams and screening only if you are really in the presence of thyroid disease, otherwise you end up just clogging up the health services. For this reason, through the days that we hold throughout the country, we try to make it clear that only in cases of thyroid disease you should contact a specialist serious and perform all the required examinations. " The event that was held in Ponte San Giovanni is one of the meetings organized by the "World Week Thyroid" which this year takes place May 18 to 25."We are extremely pleased - says Adriano Minelli, President of Perugia Alice Italian non-profit organization - to be able to carry out a strong campaign of awareness and prevention in the field of thyroid diseases. We as a voluntary association we try, at a time of economic crisis so hard, to organize meetings where the citizen level completion free can run tests and get advice from the best experts in the world in this area. Meanwhile, at the headquarters of our Association, in Cestellini 1, Thursday, June 4 from 7.00 to 9.00 will be performed screening of cholesterol, triglycerides, blood glucose and blood pressure control. " Many of the big names who took part in the Ponte San Giovanni including Fausto Santeusanio, professor of endocrinology at the University of Perugia and one of the leading experts in the world of bone and mineral metabolism, Efisio Puxeddu specialist thyroid disease, creator and coordinator of the laboratory of proteomics and genomics thyroid at the University of Perugia, Maurizio Tonato coordinator of the regional oncology network and the team composed of doctors Michele D'Ajello, Massimo Eugenio Dottorini, Cristina Tranfaglia, Salvatore Messina, Massimo Monacelli, Leone Fedeli, Renato Colella, Isabella Sabalisch, Nicola Avenia. All it supported by the presidium of the Italian Red Cross. Sonia Terzino Presso Office

Friday, May 15, 2015

The Grosby Group modernizes their platform for photo and video management and distribution, with MomaPIX.

The leading international entertainment media agency in the Latin American and Hispanic markets has a new website.

californian agency Grosby Group site, MomaPIXEvery day the californian agency Grosby Group provides thousands of celebrity images and videos to the most prestigious publications, from a worldwide network of photographers, videographers and agencies.

The content management and distribution system update is part of the ongoing technological upgrading pursued by the company.

The Grosby Group realized that the old technology could not carry out all the functions required anymore to stay competitive, and using the last technologies to deliver the best performances to customers was needed. The Grosby Group valued MomaPIX as “the best value for money software”, capable to simplify the workflow and speed up the agency’s activities.

MomaPIX is on market for about 10 years and it has been developed specifically to enable photo agencies and companies to work better in digital contents (photos, videos, audio files and pdfs) management.

Within the new functionalities, MomaPIX is a solution that offers an innovative system to manage, view, upload and download files, syndicate and handle restrictions, as well as automate permissions according to commercial agreements with suppliers. It can also produce promotions, reports and statistics.

It is also capable of API use to interconnect with partners and an email marketing integrated tool that widens sales channels and makes web usage more efficient.

Besides The Grosby Group’s website, within the archives managed with MomaPIX there are those of international photo agencies like Incredible Features and Sunray Photo or AGF and IPA in Italy, and those of companies such as Palazzetti, Mondadori and Citroen.

For more info about MomaPIX, please visit www.momapix.com/en

"You and me for the welfare" Prevention Day for thyroid disease Perugia May 14, 2015 - Press Release - It will be held Saturday, May 23, beginning at 9 am at the CVA of Ponte San Giovanni, the conference "You and I for the well-being". The event is organized by Alice Perugia Italy Onlus in collaboration with The Snail Onlus Perugia, Association of patients with thyroid cancer, and AFAS Association Communal Pharmacies of Perugia, with the sponsorship of the Region of Umbria, the Province and of the City of Perugia. The event will be attended, among others Fausto Santeusanio professor of endocrinology at the University of Perugia and one of the leading experts in the world of bone and mineral metabolism, Efisio Puxeddu thyroid disease specialist, founder and coordinator of the Laboratory of Proteomics genomics and thyroid at the University of Perugia, Maurizio Tonato coordinator of regional oncology network and the team composed of doctors Michele D'Ajello, Massimo Eugenio Dottorini, Cristina Tranfaglia, Salvatore Messina, Massimo Monacelli, Leone Fedeli, RenatoColella Isabella Sabalisch, Nicola Avenia.  the President of the Snail Onlus Perugia Anna Maria Biancifiori and President Alice Italy Onlus Perugia Adriamo Minelli. "The purpose of this meeting - says Anna Maria Biancifiori - is to raise awareness and the scientific world on issues related to thyroid disease. With particular reference to the action of preventive iodioprofilassi. Iodine is an essential mineral for proper functioning of the thyroid, a deficiency is the leading cause of goiter, the formation of nodules and many other adverse health effects. Iodine is assumed with food, the highest concentration is found in shellfish, fish fresh, instead it is lower in meat, freshwater fish, cereals and fruits. Special attention to this food must do pregnant women as the daily requirement of iodine increases greatly, its deficiency can cause serious problems in child development. " Throughou the day of May 23, up to 18 hours, with a lunch break, a team of specialists will be available to the public for advice, tips and prevention of thyroid diseases. The meeting also attended by the students of fourth and fifth grade plexus of Ponte San Giovanni, Pieve di Campo, Balanzano and the boys of the first average of Ponte San Giovanni. "The thyroid disease - said prof. Alessandro Marugo - can affect up to 30% of the population. E 'should be noted that iodine deficiency is a public health issue, for every person and particularly for women of childbearing age, it is very important to have an adequate daily intake of iodine through the use of iodized salt or processed products packaged with the addition of iodized salt. And 'essential to reduce the use of salt, but the little that we use must be iodized, usable by everyone, at any age, including children that helps in maintaining proper thyroid function. " While Thursday, June 4 from 7:00 am to 9:30 Association Alice Italy Onlus Perugia will perform, at its headquarters in Via Cestellini 1, screening of blood glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure measurement. Sonia Terzino Press Office tel / fax 0755997938 Mobile 3409852238

Monday, March 02, 2015

Elesa handles: ergonomic, compact and adaptable to all designers' needs

The company shows its range of handles, available online at www.elesa.com/en.

Elesa, worldwide leader in the production of components in plastic and metal for industry, shows in its online catalog a wide range of handles: bridge handles, flush pull handles, safety handles and tubular handles. Due to the different types of installation and to their high customization, Elesa handles are suitable for all requirements in the industrial field.

First of all, the range of materials make Elesa handles high quality products: the company produces steel and stainless steel, aluminum and plastic handles. All these standard products can also be supplied in different colors or customized with laser engraved words and logos.

All Elesa handles have in common a careful work in the design phase: the highest attention in terms of ergonomics, to make the grasp firm and comfortable; the meticulous choice of materials, to provide steel, plastic and aluminum handles resistant and adaptable to the customers' needs; compact design, aimed at the reduction of obstacles; careful design, to make installation as quick and easy as possible.

Much appreciated by the market are flush pull handles in reinforced polymer with fiberglass: easy to assemble, lightweight and compact. We are talking about the PR-PF series, which can be installed on panels of different thickness; the EPR series, which features a modern design and high care for ergonomic lines; the MPR series, folding flush pull handles that are distinguished by remarkable lightness and mechanical strength.

Elesa has also included in its range handles in different metallic materials. Some examples: the Folding handle with recessed tray GN 425.4 and the Protection handle GN 430.

Elesa aims at offering a wide range of handles in different materials with a compact and efficient design, perfectly adaptable to all designers' needs and with the best ergonomics possible. To have a full overview on the full range of products, visit the website www.elesa.com/en and find out the online metric catalog.