Monday, February 09, 2015

Italian Street Photography:

Opened a web site dedicated to ”made in Italy” Authors of the cooler update style: street photography

concerto dal balcone, Bravo, Applausi, fotografia di Gustavo Boemi Milan – February 9th, 2015 - is a collector of artistic street energy on our territory, which wants to promote them and spread around so they can be know outside of our national borders.
The project, promoted by and, proposes itselfs as a reference point for those for those who, on an artistic level, recognise themselves in a made in italy street photography style, and they wish to spread this particular way of interpreting reality all over the world. For that reason contents will be promoted and publicized in english, not just through the site but also through the project's promoters pages and their social networks.

The project amounts to explorate the made in italy street aesthetics, not just as a fashion trend, but as a way of living: different ways of dressing up, be yourself, be together. Street sport, free running, skateboarding, bmx freestyle; and also everything that happens on the street, from the typical italian festivals (such as religious feast and so) to the fashion trend for boys and girls, the evolution of artistic phenomenons such as 'madonnari' and the trends tied to tattoos, piercings and body modification, and the cosplay's world.

comprare il giornale, Roma, fotografia di Franco OlivettiItalian Street Photography isn't only a web showcase
The project is organized in different forms of production and artistic visibility. Beyond the site, which will be constantly updated in complete autonomy by the selected Authors, an exhibit and the pubblication of another photography book are scheduled. All the content will be an exclusive production of the 20 chosen contributors, who will be able to offer the visitor updated visions of the Italian Street style on the two partner promoters' sites too and on the connected social networks.

The Authors
Fabrizio Arginetti, Enrico Barocci, Gustavo Boemi, Bluvenusia, Adriano Cascio, Matteo Chinellato, Andrea De Bonis, Luca de Gennaro, Alessandro Falcone, Angelo Ferrillo, Irene Grazi, Michele Guzzinati, Simona Hassan, Franco Olivetti, Diego Pizi, Stefano Pizzetti, Gianluca Polazzo, Giuseppe Pons, Andrea Scirè, Maurizio Targhetta, Urban Vision

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

ExpoGusto: a first edition of big gratifications

The first edition of ExpoGusto, hall of wine and food excellences, hosted in Lugano during the last weekend, ends with positive confirmations and big gratifications.

expogusto and cookingConfirmations and gratifications for the new exhibition dedicated to wine and food excellences and their protagonists, that just ended in Lugano.
From Saturday 15th to Monday 17th November, during ExpoGusto, more than fifty events have been organized, such as cooking shows, conferences, guided tastings, workshops and live performances, with a format that unites the exhibition area with a rich program of events dedicated to wine and food and their protagonists.
The real flagship are the three dinners organized as a fund raising for the G4 Foundation, the Association is aimed to offer to seriously ill children, close to death or with disabilities, the possibility to realize a dream and to forget, for a few hours or days, the difficulties of their daily lives.
ExpoGusto involved the local authorities, the most important associations, such as AIS, FISAR, ONAV, ASPI, ASSP and internationally renowned chefs leaded by Aimo Moroni (Chef ambassador of the event) and Corrado Parisi (Chef testimonial of the event).

The exhibition has given to many producers from many countries the opportunity to let professionals of the field and the general public from Ticino and northern Italy discover their products, their lands and traditions.
During the weekend, the exhibition was crowded mainly by families and aficionados, whereas on Monday the wine&food hall of excellences was visited by the professionals of restaurant industry, bars, and the students of the Technical Trades School where they are learning how to become chefs, maîtres, barmen and managers.
The Congress Palace of Lugano has been divided into thematic areas: wine, an area dedicated to the the best products of the wine field; food, an area dedicated to the products such as pasta, oil, cheese, sweets; beer, the area that hosted Italian and European breweries to represent the excellences of handmade beer; RistoExpoGusto, a restaurant area where the Chefs presented the fine cuisine, sold out in all the sessions.
The cooking shows by the Chefs leaded by Aimo Moroni (Chef Ambassador of the event) and Corrado Parisi (Chef testimonial of the event) achieved resounding success. More than twenty great Chefs have been alternating and working side by side to delight the palates of the enthusiasts and the curious ones, making fine cuisine available for everybody.

This first edition of ExpoGusto is the starting point for a far wider path that will be full of surprises since next year, the year of Expo 2015. The organizers are already working on a range of events and activities that will develop along all the 2015 in different cities, among which there is Milan, location of Expo 2015, until the ExpoGusto second edition, that will be hosted in Lugano once again.

“Right and proper the gratitude to all that have contributed in making these three days of events absolutely special; first among everyone all the people that allowed us to raise funds for the G4 Foundation, the Association” said Giacomo Acciai, one of ExpoGusto organizers “The city of Lugano and the Ticino responded well, both as audience and Institutions; for the 2015 edition we would like a wider involvement of associations and Institutions so that the event might become a steady appointment for the city, that will contribute in promoting and valuing products and territories of excellence”.

19th November 2014
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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

A world of taste and delicacies in Lugano, for ExpoGusto

From Saturday 15th of November to Monday 17th of November, Lugano becomes the capital of taste: tastings, cooking shows, conferences and dinners with great Chefs

ExpoGusto, Palazzo dei Congressi, LuganoThe appointment with the wine&food excellences is in the heart of Lugano and the scenario seems of international nature and so are its protagonists.
Tastings, cooking shows, conferences and dinners with great Chefs during the three days of ExpoGusto, fair of wine&food excellences on stage in Lugano from 15th to 17th of November.

At the Palazzo dei Congressi, ExpoGusto will host producers of excellence, cooking shows, tastings, conferences and the restaurant.
During the three evenings of ExpoGusto, at the Ex Cantine Lucchini (headquarters of Ristorent) in Pregassona, the charity dinners will take place and all the proceeds will go to the Foundation G4 of Montreux.

ExpoGusto will be a showcase of excellence's products, thanks to which will be possible follow a tasting itinerary to get to know the wine and food delicacies and try the products presented by the exhibitors.

The cooking shows and the Risto-ExpoGusto, the restaurant of ExpoGusto, will be committed to the international Chefs headed by Aimo Moroni (Chef ambassador of the event) and Corrado Parisi (Chef testimonial of event).
More than twenty great Chefs will come out of their prestigious restaurants and for three days will be working side by side to delight the palates of the enthusiasts and the curious ones, making fine cuisine available for everybody.

The cooking shows will be pure entertainment for fine cuisine lovers since the Chefs will be cooking live, telling recipes, tricks and curiosities to the audience about the dishes that will be tasted right after.
During the cooking shows will be also developed important matters for the consumers such as “Cuisine and health” or cuisine through past, present and future.

The Chefs will be also working in the kitchen of the Risto-ExpoGusto to offer visitors the experience of truly fine cuisine. Every day of the event will take place different sessions, lasting about an hour each, during which will be prepared dishes that could be eaten like in a real restaurant.

There will also be time for conferences and tastings to discover excellent wines and wine's territories.
Claudia Biondi, Ambassador of Champagne in Italy, will present the different terroirs of Champagne, with excellent champagne tasting such as De Vilmont and Jacques Selosse.
The Lombardia wine association will present a journey through tastes and knowledge of the great vineyard named Lombardia.
Ellen Wallace, American journalist that have been living for years in Switzerland, will present “Vineglorious! Switzerland’s Wondrous Wines”, the first book written in English and dedicated to Swiss wines. A journey within Helvetian viticulture, though the six wine regions of Switzerland, to meet the most famous wines and the yet unknown ones.

In the Ex Cantine Lucchini (headquart of Ristorent) in Pregassona, just few kilometres away from Lugano, during the three evenings of ExpoGusto, will be organized exclusive dinners and all the proceeds will go to the Foundation G4 of Montreux.

G4 Foundation is aimed to offer to seriously ill children, close to death or with disabilities, the possibility to realize a dream, and forget, for few hours or days, the difficulties of their daily lives.

“A dream is a wish, as the song says, and if there is a ill children to wish them, it is our duty to express them. That is why, relying on the huge interest for fine cuisine and wine and food generally, we thought abut organizing these exclusive dinners. We thank all the Chefs, Aimo Moroni, ambassador of the event, Corrado Parisi, testimonial of the event, for sharing the aim to help less fortunate children realizing their wishes”. Those are the words of Giacomo Acciai, one of the ExpoGusto organizers.

The three evenings will allow foodlovers to get to know some of the most interesting fine cuisine.

Saturday evening the protagonists will be the emerging Chefs: Davide Cerioli, Claudio Panzeri, Matteo Franzoni, Enrico Andreoletti, Nicola Ribisi, Donato Nettis, Alfonso De Martino ed Edmondo Ferraro.
Sunday evening an amazing experience thanks to a thirteen courses dinner cooked by the “28 hands” of the Chefs: Marta Grassi, Corrado Parisi, Paolo Lopriore, Tano Simonato, Andrea Bertarini, Marcello Trentini, Enrico Bartolini, Eugenio Boer, Christian Milone, Giuseppe Iannotti, Tony Lo Coco, Giuseppe Costa, Fabrizio Tesse ed Alessandro Fumagalli.
The Monday evening dinner “Pink Chef vs Blue Chef” with the Chefs Marta Grassi and Andrea Alfieri will be the one closing ExpoGusto.


ExpoGusto has been created thanks to the cooperation between Iron3, a company specialized in the organization of B2B events for wineries and Multimedia Tre, a company specialized in organizing exhibitions since 1992. Thanks to their consolidated experience in event organization, Iron3 and Multimedia Tree are going to provide a unique event, able to cater for both the exhibitor and the visitor's needs.


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Thursday, October 09, 2014

ExpoGusto: food excellences, internationally renowned chefs and solidarity in Lugano

ExpoGusto will be an event dedicated to solidarity, good food and taste thanks to cooking shows, guided tastings and exclusive dinners with renowned chefs.

A three days long exhibition dedicated to wine and food and all their most interesting expressions: wine tasting, cooking shows, workshops and exclusive dinners, not to mention the producers of wine and food excellences coming from Italy, Switzerland and other countries, ready to let people try all their specialities. This is ExpoGusto, hall of wine and food excellence, held in Lugano, in the Centro Congressi, from 15th to 17th November 2014.

The event aims to professionals in the field of food&beverage, but also to quality food and wine lovers. Thanks to the exhibited products, it will be possible to participate in a guided tasting in order to get to know better the richness of food and wine and to try the products offered by the exhibitors.
ExpoGusto is not just a showcase for excellent products, but also a stage for culture and information, thanks to all its collateral events.

Cooking shows, cooking competitions, wine tastings, workshops and guided tastings are scheduled for the three days of the event, so everyone will have a tasty experience. Cooking lessons won't be missing for young and old, to learn, try and have “the finger in the pie”.
During the three evenings of ExpoGusto, exclusive dinners will be organized, thanks to the cooperation of some of the most internationally renowned chefs; the proceeds of the dinners will be donated to charity.
Among the international chefs which will give their contribution, we can mention: Marta Grassi, Valeria Piccini, Alessandro Fumagalli, Alessandro Negrini , Alfonso Di Martino, Andrea Alfieri, Andrea Bertarini, Christian Milone, Claudio Panzeri, Davide Cerioli, Egidio Iadonisi , Eugenio Boer, Fabio Pisani, Fabrizio Tesse , Ferraro Edmondo, Giovanni Mandara, Giuseppe Costa, Giuseppe Iannotti, Marcello Trentini, Paolo Lopriore, Paolo Parisi, Toni Lo Coco.

The Chefs, accompanied by Aimo Moroni (Chef ambassador of the event) and Corrado Parisi (Chef testimonial of the event) will be cooking to offer an example of high quality cuisine at an affordable price to the guests of ExpoGusto.

The price of each evening, dinner included, will be accessible to everybody in order to collect as much as possible for the charity and to incline the general public towards high quality cuisine, a public more and more interested in quality and traditional products.

Giaco Acciai, one of the organizers, says: “Our aim is to present ExpoGusto as a great appeal wine&food event, dedicated to a demanding audience that knows how to recognize quality products. A moment to meet and try high quality food and wine, for lovers and opinion leaders, a moment to promote excellent products and spread wine&food culture and tradition”.

ExpoGusto has been created thanks to the cooperation between Iron3, a company specialized in the organization of B2B events for wineries and Multimedia Tre, a company specialized in organizing exhibitions since 1992.
Thanks to their consolidated experience in event organization, Iron3 and Multimedia Tree are going to provide a unique event, able to cater for both the exhibitor and the visitor's needs.

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ExpoGusto 15-16-17 / 11/2014, Palazzo dei Congressi, Lugano

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Expo Hotel Milan, a brand new hotel near Expo 2015 and Fiera Milano fairground

A brand new hotel located in a green, quiet and easily accessible area near the Expo 2015 Milan fairgrounds. An ideal structure for all those visitors that will attend not only Expo 2015 but the traditional Milan's fairs throughout the year. Expo Hotel Milan is characterised by modernity and efficiency in services and the typical 'Made in Italy' warmth and quality.

Expo Hotel Milan has been built with innovative techniques and materials for the best results in terms of reduction of pollutant emissions and respecting the environment. Expo Hotel Milan is in Parabiago, well known as well as "the city of the shoes" in a short distance from Fiera Milano Rho and from the area of Expo 2015. The location is also suitable for Malpensa International Airport.

The brand new Expo Hotel Milan has 48 rooms including singles, doubles, triples, suites and rooms for disabled people. All the rooms are particularly soundproofed, elegantly furnished and equipped with all modern comforts and services. A rich buffet breakfast and the good service, together with the high level of furnishings and accessories, give the hotel a character suited to hotels of higher category.

Expo Hotel Milan was built with innovative techniques and materials, it uses a sophisticated and automated climate control to ensure the best conditions in the whole building giving guest the possibility to manage the room temperature by his own. Depending on the season and the outside temperature, the automated panels reflect or absorb sunrays, optimizing energy consumption both in the entire building and in the single rooms. The panels are controlled by a satellite meteorological station on the building roof, operating 24 hours. The system activates the panels in such a way that they are always perpendicular to the sunrays. In the hotel we do not use gas or other fuel types.

Expo Hotel Milan dedicated extensive research in the interior design: the Hotel is modern and, at the same time, cozy, using relaxing and soft colors. We dedicated particular attention coordinating all colors with floor surfaces and curtains, both in the common areas and in the guests rooms. All preparation and furniture were developed by the best Made in Italy companies, renowned worldwide.

Large and practical external and internal parkings, 24 hours reception service, free and powerful Wi-Fi and LAN internet connection, wellness corner with GYM e SPA, an excellent and plentiful breakfast made exclusively with the best Italian products and tradition, that can also be enjoyed in our garden during the sunny season. Shuttle service available upon request from the hotel to the railway station, which enables guests to easily reach the center of Milan, the Expo 2015 fairground and Rho fair, and the international airport of Malpensa.

For our breakfast, in particular, we focused on Italian products because we strongly believe in the quality of the Made in Italy.
We offer scrambled or hard boiled eggs, wurstel and bacon as well as sliced ham, fresh and seasoned cheese, mozzarella and tomatoes. Choices include pies and tarts, croissants of various kinds and hot bread as well as flavored bread. We offer fresh season fruits, sliced and ready to taste. Our drinks include all traditional coffee, almonds, hazelnuts and prunes, tea and herbal teas, honey, a selection of jams also to dress our renowned fresh, white yogurt. During the sunny season our breakfast is served and enjoyed in the hotel garden.

Our idea is to make our guests feel as if they were at home. Guests will be able to rent bicycles, attend our Gym in the attic floor with view over the Alps, running on the tapis roulant, pedal at the cyclette or do some spinning. On the other hand our guests can attend our relax area featuring hot tub, sauna or turkish bath. With our usual courtesy we are glad to organize excursions to the nearby tourist resorts such as Lago Maggiore, Como, Garda or in the nearby mountains.

All Expo Hotel Milan staff speak currently english and, some, french and spanish. Some of them have an experience strictly dedicated to tourism and always working directly in touch with guests. Independently from the impoprtance of Expo 2015, care and attention to our guests are always of primary importance. We also have a tailor-made offer for companies or corporate groups.

The Rooms of Expo Hotel Milan
The 48 rooms at the Expo Hotel Milan include singles, doubles, twins and suite.
All rooms are soundproof, built and furnished with high quality materials and provided with
a modern air conditioning system that leaves the visitor free to manage the room temperature in total autonomy. Rooms for disabled people available. Total absence of architectural barriers to reach every corner of the hotel.  Interconnecting rooms available.
Each room is equipped with safety box, minibar and flat-screen television up to 32 inches with a wide selection of international digital and satellite channels, national and international.
A comfortable mattress with memory foam makes your rest unforgettable so you can enjoy a total relax
All bathrooms are undoubtedly one of our strong points. All with hairdryer and toiletries set, shower or bathtub with shower (both provided with glass shower cubicle). All bathrooms are made with fine materials by one of the most famous international brand.

-Single rooms:
Single rooms up to 14 square meters suites for short stay saving costs and still keeping a high comfort
Larger size Single Superior rooms are available.

Double or twin rooms:
- Standard or Superior up to 24 square meters; the best choice for business and leisure.
- Deluxe with larger surface area and the possibility of adding a third bed. Some of these rooms with living area and second TV. Plenty of space to relax or work in comfort after a day made of shopping and sightseeing.

More than 30 square meters of space and comfort with a cozy living area and the possibility of adding a third bed.  You will enjoy the large private terrace during the spring and summer seasons. Bathroom with double sink and Jacuzzi.

All rooms are non-smoking.


  • 48 rooms
  • Single (up to 18 sqm)
  • Double, twin and triple rooms (up to 26 sqm)
  • Suite (over 30 sqm)
  • Telephone
  • Mini-bar
  • Safe
  • Shower or bath with shower
  • Hairdryer
  • Courtesy phone
  • Security alarm in the bathroom
  • Independent air conditioning
  • Wi-Fi and LAN internet connection
  • 28 or 32 inch TV with satellite channels
  • Absence of architectural barriers
  • Double lift
  • Reception service 16 hours on 24 and night watchman
  • Bar service
  • Fax and photocopying facilities
  • Internet Point
  • Breakfast room
  • Garden
  • Shuttle Service
  • Free parking outside
  • Private indoor parking
  • Wellness corner (coming soon)
  • Gym

How to reach Expo Hotel Milan
From the airports
From Milan Malpensa Intercontinental airport (MXP)
With regional train to Busto Arsizio FS and railway passing S5 direction Treviglio (Parabiago station)
With Air Pullman direction Gallarate railway loop and S5 direction Treviglio (Parabiago station)
By car taking the A8 motorway (Milano Varese towards Milan. Exit at Legnano and continue to S.S. 33 Sempione

From Milan Linate international airport (LIN)
By bus take ATM 73 to Vittoria/Campania stop  and then railway passing S5 direction Varese (Parabiago station) or by bus to Milan central station+subway M3 green line to Garibaldi station and railway passing S5 direction Varese (Parabiago station)
During fairs: with Malpensa shuttle to Rho fiera railway loop + S5 direction Varese

From Bergamo Orio al Serio international airport (BGY)
With Orio shuttle to Milan central station + M3 subway green line to Garibaldi station and railway passing S5 direction Varese (Parabiago station)
During fairs: with shuttle to Orio Rho Fiera + passing Railway S5 direction Varese (Parabiago station)

By train
From Milano central station (Trenitalia)
With M3 subway yellow line direction Repubblica (1 stop only) and railway S5 direction Varese (Parabiago station)

From Milan Garibaldi train station (Trenitalia, Trenord and Italo)
With railway S5 direction Varese (Parabiago station)

From Milan Rogoredo train station (Trenitalia and Italo) with railway S2 to Milano Porta Vittoria station and connection with S5 direction Varese (Parabiago station)

By car
From Milan take the S.S. 33 Sempione  direction Rho , Legnano.
From Como and Switzerland by motorway A9 (Milano-Como) exit Origgio
From motorway A7(Milano – Genova) + West bypass road (A50 direction Varese) + S.S. 33 Sempione direction Rho, Legnano.
From motorway A1 (Milano – Bologna) + West bypass road (A50 direction Varese) + S.S. 33 Sempione direction Rho, Legnano.
From motorway A4 (Torino – Milano) take Arluno exit direction Vittuone + S.P. 34 + S.P. 214 direction Casorezzo, Parabiago.
From motorway A4 (Venezia - Milano), continue towards Torino and exit at SS 33 Sempione towards Rho, Legnano.


Expo Hotel Milan
via Achille Grandi, 4
20015 Parabiago, MILANO

Booking & Info: +39 0331 555908

GPS Coordinates: 45° 34'20 .0 "N 8° 57'36 .5" E